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angielookalikes's Journal

If looks could kill;
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Angelina Lookalikes

Do you think you look like Angelina Jolie? Have others mentioned a resemblence? Share your picture here and we'll let you know what we think!


* NO flaming. If you don't have anything constructive to say, then don't say anything at all. I will NOT tolerate flamers or generally rude people. If you post a rude comment, you'll only receive one warning, your comment will be deleted, and you'll find yourself pending a spot on my shit list. Break my rule twice and you'll be banned.

* NO nudity! This is a PG community, folks. We don't want to know if you think your tits look like Angelina's.

* ALL photographs MUST be under a cut tag.

* NO advertisements of other communities without my express permission. This is a STRICT policy. Break this rule but once and you'll be banned.

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